Club Programs

Club Programming

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Outdoor experiences, environmental awareness, friendships and fun play a big part in year-round activities. Camp Fire SD provides opportunities for youth to realize their potential. Through regularly scheduled small group meetings, classes and service projects, young people build their self-esteem, learn life skills and become responsible citizens concerned about and active in their communities.

Club programs are age-specific and connect youth with caring, trained adults in a small group atmosphere. Clubs meet regularly throughout the year, and youth often remain involved for many years. Club participants choose from a variety of fun and educational activities and projects. Family members are encouraged to participate and support their youth involved in our clubs. Family members become actively engaged and often tell us how much they enjoy connecting with families they would never otherwise meet.

In small neighborhood or school-based groups children meet regularly to explore the world, exercise their creativity, learn about community service and gain a sense of belonging while having fun. Groups are led by adult volunteer teams who use national program materials; initial training will be provided and we will now be offering program assessment and mentoring to help all groups for a nominal fee. There are five program levels: Little Stars for 3 and 4 year olds; Starflight, grades K-2; Adventure, grades 3-5; Discovery, grades 6-7; Horizon Club for grades 8th-12th. Groups may be all girls, all boys or boys and girls together. Interested in starting a club? Have additional questions? Please or call 619-291-8985.

Important Benefits of Participating

  • Positive Values — The Group Program develops the whole child and includes a wide range of activities and skills development.
  • Responsible Decision Making — The program workbooks and Camp Fire philosophies teach children to resist peer pressure and make good decisions.
  • Community Service — Youth work together to find a need in their community and a way to help others.
  • Caring Adult Relationships — Adults and youth work together to make decisions for the group.
  • Recognition and Achievement — Youth receive recognition and earn emblems which build self-esteem.

What's in it for Kids? Kids will:

  • Develop social skills
  • Have the feeling of belonging
  • Build self-esteem
  • Develop strong values
  • Make decisions and experience leadership opportunities
  • Develop important assets: caring, honesty, integrity and responsibility!