Staff Screening

Staff Screening

At Camp CaHiTo, we place the highest priority on finding the best quality and caring staff to be positive role models for your children.

Each year Camp CaHiTo reviews more than 300 applicants in order to hire over 60 staff members. This includes our efforts to identify and retain the best and brightest staff from year to year. Our high review-to-hire ratio allows us to be extremely selective with our hiring process which is a follows:


Our Staff Application is extensive and asks for pertinent information to help screen out applicants that do not complement our culture. Each application is evaluated for red flags by our staffing coordinator.


All potential hires go through a 45-minute face-to-face or phone interview with one of our trained interviewers.


Every applicant must have a minimum of two references from non-family members in order to be considered for hire.

Background Checks:

Once applicants are fully vetted through the above screening procedures, we run three separate background checks:

  • FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check: includes any criminal arrest dates, charges and the disposition of any cases
  • Child Protective Services Check: contains information related to child abuse, neglect and any investigations conducted by local departments of social service.
  • National Sex-offender Registry Check: each hired staff member is screened against the National Sex-offender Registry.