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Can I make a friend request for my camper to be in the same group?

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As long as Campers are signed up for the same week and group, the Campers will be together. For example, both Campers would need to be registered for the following Camp • Week 3 – Archery Group B – 06/28/2021 – 07/02/2021

Camp Groupings (Age of Camper at the start of Camp)
Little Stars Half Day: Campers ages 3-5
Little Stars Full Day: Campers ages 4-5
Starflight: 5-7 years old
Adventure: 8-10 years old
Discovery: 11-13 years old
DASH/CIT: 13-16 years old

We cannot drop your camper down into another camp grouping or move campers up camp groupings. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.