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What Health and Safety precautions does Camp have in place?

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Safety is our top priority at camp. All staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR procedures. In the event of illness or injury, parents will be notified immediately by phone. The camp health supervisor holds and dispenses all medications while campers are in our care.

In order to provide the safest environment for your children, we have established several systems to effectively monitor Camp CaHiTo against any kind of threat. We also have a comprehensive internal communications system as well as a system to quickly communicate with parents. To learn more about these systems click here.


If your Camper becomes ill while at camp, we will contact you to pick the camper up. If your camper is injured, we will take the necessary steps to provide first aid. If we are unable to reach you in the event your camper needs medical care, they will be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Health Alerts

If your Camper becomes exposed to any of the following while attending Camp notifications will be sent home in accordance to the San Diego Health Department. Including Chickenpox, Strep, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, ringwork, German Measles, Measles, head Lice, and COVID-19.

Accident/Incident Reports

We never want a child to be injured at camp however when accidents happen, documentation will be prepared to notify Parents via our Accident/Incident Report. This includes behavioral incidents or any negative interactions between 2 campers (verbal disagreements, physical fights, etc.) Not every incident needs to be documented. A small scrape or splinter would not require a report. However, if a camper is injured enough to need to refrain from activity or injured while using camp equipment a report is always needed.