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What happens if my camper has a discipline problem at camp?

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Camp Fire Camp CaHiTo staff is trained and is expected to resolve behavior problems in a positive manner. Our staff speak with the child, allowing him/her to take time out to think about the problem, discuss the problem/solution with the child, then let the child return to the activity. In more severe cases, the child will be kept out of the activity, and the parent will be asked to pick up their child. Together, parents and Camp Fire Camp CaHiTo staff will work out a custom-designed behavior modification method depending on the severity of the problem. In the event, the problems persist, the child may be suspended or expelled from the program. Some acts may result in immediate suspension or expulsion including but not limited to; fighting, intentionally harming others, theft, and possession of weapons or drugs. Camp does not grant refunds or credits for missed days due to a behavior program. Please click here for our Camper Code of Conduct.