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What is the Snack Shack? “Camp Store”

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The Store will be open during Lunch Time, Pick up, and PM Extended Care for camper’s enjoyment; items are optional to purchase. Campers can purchase items from the CaHiTo Gear Collection including a Lunch Bag, Water Bottle, or Backpack for $3-$5 each. Or they can purchase additional snacks, fruit, sports drinks, juice, or fun size candy for a nominal fee ranging from $.25-$3.00.

NEW the Camp Store is NOW CASHLESS all monies must be submitted in the morning at Check-In.  Camp Store monies cannot be refunded and will be closed out at the end of the programming Season (i.e., Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter). Any remaining Camp Store monies are non-transferable to another Season, any remaining balance will support our Send-a-Kid to Camp program.

The Camp Store will no longer accept cash, hopefully alleviating lost money, and sticky fingers.