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Why Camp?

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Camp provides our children with the opportunity to learn important lessons about community, character-building, skill development, and an appreciation for the outdoors. Check out all the benefits below.

Enriching the Lives of Children camps build skills necessary to prepare campers to assume roles as successful adults. Parents, campers, and camp staff independently reported growth in areas such as self-confidence, independence, making friends, exploring and learning new activities. Indeed, camp provides growth experiences for youth that can benefit them through adulthood.

Campers Say

  • Camp helped me make new friends.
  • Camp helped me to get to know kids who are different from me.
  • The people at camp helped me feel good about myself.
  • At camp, I did things I was afraid to do at first.

Parents Say

  • My child gained self-confidence at camp.
  • My child continues to participate in some of the new activities he or she learned at camp.
  • My child remains in contact with friends made at camp.