Wholesome and fun camp experiences are what make Camp Fire San Diego – Camp CaHiTo one of the most popular camps around.

Camp Fire San Diego – Camp CaHiTo is the San Diego affiliate of the Camp Fire organization, a national leader in youth development for more than 100 years. Camp Fire has always recognized that curious youth exploring their world need a secure place to grow up. And since 1910 we’ve provided that place through camps.

When children attend Camp CaHiTo camps, they discover an amazing 7.5-acre reserve in Balboa Park. We use the well-established curriculum from Camp Fire to facilitate outdoor adventures, social growth and decision-making skills.

We believe in the power of nature to awaken the senses and the desire to learn. Our camps and outdoor programs allow kids to unplug from technology for a full week (or more!) while they explore, grow, challenge themselves, make new friends, get out of their comfort zone, gain confidence and make powerful memories—all with our highly trained, caring staff by their side every step of the way.

Camp CaHiTo has camps running throughout the year for children ages 3 and up, including spring break camp, summer camp, Thanksgiving camp, and winter camp programs.


powerful youth experiences


Through playful, inclusive, affordable, and powerful out-of-class experiences Camp Fire connects young people to the outdoors, to others, and to themselves. We provide young people with a space where they feel like they truly belong.

Camp Fire’s programs enable young people to develop essential skills that have long-term benefits and make a positive social impact in the world.

Connection is our core


Growing up is hard.


Camp Fire connects young people to the outdoors, to others, and to themselves.


We envision a world where all young people thrive and have equitable opportunities for:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Community connection
  • Engagement with Nature

Our Values

  • WE ARE INCLUSIVE. We work to create safe and inclusive environments, so everyone feels welcome.
  • WE GET OUTSIDE. We learn from and respect our planet. We conserve, protect, and steward our natural resources.
  • WE PRIORITIZE RELATIONSHIPS. We develop supportive cross-generational relationships that guide young people to find their spark.
  • WE HONOR THE POWER OF YOUNG PEOPLE. We believe one of the best ways to honor the power of young people is to share power with them.
  • WE ARE LEARNERS. We help young people (and adults!) invest in the adventure of self-discovery.
  • WE TAKE ACTION. We encourage young people to advocate, organize, and work for change in their communities and beyond.
  • WE ARE RESPONSIVE. Each council has the autonomy to customize its programming to best support youth, families, and their communities
  • WE PURSUE IMPACT. We seek out the newest research, practice every-day innovation, and meticulously measure results to help young people thrive in a complex world.

What makes us different


Founded in 1910, Camp Fire was America’s first multiracial, multicultural, and nonsectarian organization for girls before women even had the right to vote. Coed since 1975. Formally affirming of all sexual orientations since 1993, and today welcoming all young people.


Yes, Camp Fire’s programming has life-long benefits, but we aren’t fixated on the future. We support young people on their journey to be their best selves—now.


Our councils teach social-emotional skills in a wide variety of settings and use different themes and approaches. There is something for every young person (and every spark) at Camp Fire.


Boundary-breaking history

In 1909, Charlotte Gulick held a small summer camp for her daughters, three of their close friends, and a young woman with disabilities. There was no way she could have known that, from this her camp would grow into a movement that would survive two World Wars and three global pandemics. It would see women and other marginalized people win the right to vote; and help shape artists, activists, rock stars and rocket scientists.

The world was a much different place in those founding years, but so many of the values, goals, and outcomes of Camp Fire remain the same: More than 100 years later, we are still creating space for historically excluded young people; building social and emotional skills; facilitating developmental relationships and community building; and connecting young people to themselves, others, and the outdoors.

Founded in 1910, Camp Fire was the first nonsectarian, multiracial organization for girls but today is an inclusive national youth development nonprofit that serves all young people. By creating safe spaces where young people can have fun and be themselves, its 47 affiliates in 24 states provide affirming, year-round, youth-driven experiences—school day programs, afterschool programs, leadership programs, and camps and outdoor education—that enable youth to develop essential skills that have long-term benefits and make a positive social impact on the world.