Outdoor Education Field Trips

Outdoor Education Field Trips

Plan a different type of field trip this year, by spending a unique day in our Outdoor Education Program.

  • Give children first-hand knowledge and understanding of our natural resources

  • Support classroom curriculum through hands-on, outdoor activities.

  • We encourage an environmentally sound lifestyle and activism in environmental issues – even with little ones.

  • Activities are aligned CA Dept. of Ed. Desired Results (DRDP) and with CA Elementary Curriculum Standards.

  • Curriculum

    is planned around the San Diego Unified School Districts Science, Math and Language Curriculum.

  • Our Outdoor Education Staff can meet any of your needs and is willing to adapt and plan all programs with the classroom teacher before arrival to meet their curriculum.

Examples of our Program Activities

  • Learn how predators and prey use their environments to survive

  • Analyze animal footprints and bone structures

  • Take a Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Learn how to navigate using a compass

  • Determine how adaptations help animals survive

  • Take a nature walk through camp and learn about natural plant life

  • Learn how to live a minimum impact life to help save the environment

  • History about the Native American Kumeyaay children who lived in Balboa Park

  • Create Wilderness Crafts

  • Team building activities

  • Archery

For pricing and to schedule your next Field Trip at Camp CaHiTo email info@campfiresdi.org